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Synonyms for outbreak

Synonyms for outbreak

a sudden increase in something, as the occurrence of a disease

the act of emerging violently from limits or restraints

a sudden violent expression, as of emotion

Synonyms for outbreak

a sudden violent spontaneous occurrence (usually of some undesirable condition)

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Instant electronic communication means that disease outbreaks can no longer be kept secret, as was often the case during the implementation of the previous international health regulations.
Food inspection for meat, poultry, and eggs continues during the shutdown, but FDA has halted inspections and oversight of the rest of the food in the supply chain - food that can still result in foodborne disease outbreaks.
Foodborne disease outbreaks are often geographically widespread and suited to using CATI.
Adapted from "Early Detection of Disease Outbreaks," PLoS Medicine 2(3): e65, http://medicine.
Thus, the team could, for example, catch a disease outbreak that began emerging on day 7, something that health authorities might not otherwise have identified for many more days.
Department of Agriculture officials believe a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak in north Africa has the potential to devastate Ireland's agriculture industry.
Disease outbreaks in Europe, particularly classical swine fever in Germany, have highlighted the importance of biosecurity for British pig producers.
the case at the beginning of an emerging disease outbreak, uncertainty will be large.
Lai of the University of Hong Kong and colleagues show how GIS technology can be used during an acute infectious disease outbreak to reveal crucial real-time, quantitative information, such as the direction of superspreading events (in which one person infects more than the typical three or fewer others) and distinct disease hot spots [EHP 112:1550-1556].
The move would meet recommendations of the FMD inquiries for quick and organised veterinary response to any future disease outbreak.
Whether a disease outbreak occurs naturally or is due to the intentional release of a harmful biological agent by a terrorist, much of the initial response would occur at the local level, particularly hospitals and their emergency departments.
By signing up for a free identification number, producers will ensure that their farms can be notified immediately during an animal disease outbreak.
The information on the register will help the government improve contingency planning to help manage any potential disease outbreak.
By today's standards, this disease outbreak and the associated ecosystem disturbance might seem to have followed a relatively obvious path.
In addition to Witt's keynote address, two panel discussions in the Plenary Session will focus on the many different organizations that must participate to achieve effective planning and delivery of emergency response, whether it is to a natural disaster, disease outbreak, or act of terrorism, and how GIS can play a major role in accelerating the process and producing optimal outcomes.
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