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Soldiers at Babadag train on firing ranges, conduct MOUT training, and participate in exercises where they and much of the equipment they use can be instrumented with the "Deployable Instrumentation System, Europe," commonly called DISE.
In the end, effective security in a DISE, or any environment, relies on the quality of the staff.
The DISE serves as a fusion/analytical center and provides the Regimental Commander detailed Intelligence Preparation of the Battlefield products and intelligence estimates which primarily support the planning of future operations.
The cost to pay for the 6,800 gallons of fuel needed for the trip was covered by Airline Ambassadors, Mariah Fuels, as well as churches and friends of Dise.
The affidavit clarified that the Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan and DISE were " still in the project mode" and hence, the statistics does not have the ' official' status.
The 2 BCT, 10th (2/10th) Mountain Division DISE supported up to seventeen subordinate battalions including six Iraqi Army battalions and higher and adjacent unit staffs through Collection Management and Dissemination (CM&D), and All-Source Intelligence (ASI).
Image approximative a la limite de la caricature du dicton du terroir [beaucoup moins que] Li fatou taam eyqol chbaat [beaucoup plus grand que] (que celui qui a rate le couscous se dise avoir ete deja rassasie).
A composite gender index has been developed using the formulae that are used for calculating the EDI in DISE.
Le responsable, qui s'exprimait lors d'une conference de presse, a commente une question relative a la posture legale de la Confrerie des Freres musulmans, que le ministere ajournerait son avis relatif a cette question, jusqu'a ce que la justice dise son mot.
A disappointed Ryan insisted that the Dise have made progress this season and pinpointed "two decisive stages" in yesterday's All-Ireland SHC quarter-final defeat to Cork.
The DISE joined the Division's 3d Brigade--the famed "Rakkasans" of the 187th Infantry Regiment--at Kandahar Airfield on 1 February 2002.
Tenders are invited for Delivery Valve Spring For Dise Valve 100 Mm Dia For Trc 1000 Mn Elgi Compressor Elgi Pt.
Comme pour repondre a ses detracteurs et faire taire les rumeurs, le patron du club du Djurdjura ira meme jusqu'a faire cette confidence : [beaucoup moins que] Vous voulez que je vous dise la verite, je n'ai jamais eu d'aussi bons rapports avec un entraineur comme ceux que j'ai actuellement avec Ciccolini.
The Rebels scored seven of the last eight points of yesterday's seesaw quarter-final against the Dise at Semple Stadium.
Elle a toutefois aussi souhaite que "la justice dise rapidement ce qu'elle pense" concernant le depute-maire de Lievin (Pas-de-Calais), Jean-Pierre Kucheida, mis en cause par une enquete preliminaire pour des faits de financement occulte.