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Synonyms for integer

any of the natural numbers (positive or negative) or zero

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Any plan to permit importation must be limited to commercial importation of a discrete number of high-volume, high-cost prescription drugs from a country with equivalent drug safety protections," according to the secretaries.
Yet a case can be made that the future will not be built on a discrete number of technologies, as witnessed (and relished) with the personal computer, cell phone and network infrastructure booms of the late nineties.
Any given protein immunogen will contain a discrete number of epitope regions capable of inducing activation for a particular HLA class II allele.
The teams, each of which has a discrete number of goals, are at work in warehouses, in stores and at the home office.
This is in sharp contrast to the transmission, which has a discrete number of gear ratios and remains in one gear for long periods of time.
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