dynamical system

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(physics) a phase space together with a transformation of that space

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It covers current research on such discrete dynamical systems as one and two- dimensional cellular automata and illustrates how these systems can be used for artistic purposes by translating their mathematical configurations into visual media and music.
Discrete dynamical systems and chaotic machines; theory and applications.
Although the theory of continuous- and discrete-time dynamical systems as presented in the literature is different, the analysis of time scales is nowadays recognized as a right tool to unify the seemingly separate fields of discrete dynamical systems (i.
This textbook introduces beginning and intermediate students of mathematics, the natural sciences, and the social sciences to some mathematical modeling techniques using discrete dynamical systems.
Among specific topics are relativistic high-order harmonic generation, feedback-driven adiabatic quantum dynamics, multiple interactions in multilayered structures of nonlinear materials, a computer algebra study of structural and symmetrical properties of discrete dynamical systems, slow light and phase transition in the array of atomic polaritons, and two-dimensional confined terahertz wave propagation in a gap plasmon waveguide formed by two cylindrical surfaces.
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