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a check on the opponent's king that is delivered by moving a piece out of the line of attack by a queen or rook or bishop

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Royal Mail discovered attacks on their workers rise during the school holidays and in the summer when parents and children are at home and dogs are often allowed unsupervised in the garden or street without restraints.
But other cyber-security experts caution against drawing a direct line between all of the discovered attacks.
99 deals with tactical combinations but also the tools of the trade such as pins, skewers, double attacks, discovered attacks, zwischenzug and desperado.
In recognizing the company's industry leadership, SC Magazine cited Sourcefire's ability to respond to newly discovered attacks through its relationship with the open source community.
According to Verizon's 2013 data breach investigations report, more than 66% of all attacks are left undiscovered for months or years and more than 77% of discovered attacks take between days and months to contain.
For example, the attack pattern information may be pushed over the Internet or distributed via the computer network and the attack pattern information corresponding to newly discovered attacks can be rapidly communicated to a customer's network.