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Rather, the optional suffixation of enclitic -mm to a sentence-initial constituent is due to its discourse-pragmatic function as a focus marker.
In sentence (12) no constituent conveys special discourse-pragmatic information; the sentence is neutral in regard to focus.
If the concept of sentence topic is lost, an explanation for the most prominent discourse-pragmatic function of LD is lost, too.
Furthermore, it has been demonstrated that in spite of differences in informational interpretation, CTs and R-phrases have a common discourse-pragmatic meaning.
The fact that each separate subtype of anaphor bears a distinctive bundle of semantic and referential properties means that they are not simply the passive recipient of a sense and reference assigned derivatively by a lexically fuller cooccurring expression (the antecedent); this is specifically highlighted by Dik in his discussion of the various types of anaphoric expression and their discourse-pragmatic roles (cf.
However, other identified factors indicate that even young Inuktitut children are sensitive to discourse-pragmatic features.
It also has flexible word order, and thus factors other than word order must be used when interpreting sentences; these include morphology, semantics, and discourse-pragmatic factors.
The present paper uses a discourse-pragmatic approach to analyze argument representation in spontaneous speech data from four Inuktitut-speaking children.
those that have a pronominal, discourse-pragmatic function and those that have a purely grammatical or lexical function, these two classes are by no means discrete.