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Synonyms for discount

Synonyms for discount

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

an amount deducted

Synonyms for discount

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

a refund of some fraction of the amount paid


Related Words

an amount or percentage deducted

give a reduction in price on

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Figure 3 depicts the estimated percentage reductions in present discounted value of innovator sales resulting from the one-year, three-year, and five-year acceleration of patent expiration under the different scenarios.
The difference between the discounted value of the debt and its face value is recorded as Other Paid-In Capital of $1,039,570 and will be amortized on a straight-line basis over the four year term of the loan.
The new issue price will equal the discounted value of the payments of principal and interest on $1 principal amount of New Notes through their maturity date at a discount rate equal to the bid-side yield on the 4.
Given the emphasis on the relationship between BMI and the discounted value of the different delayed rewards, Fig.
The company will separately pay for the discounted value of tax benefits (estimated to be approximately USD 5m) associated with Underground Solutions' net operating loss carry forwards at closing.
We use lifetime earnings of college graduates, tuition costs, and opportunity costs of going to college to estimate a net present discounted value of a college degree, and lifetime earnings of high school graduates to estimate a net present discounted value of a high school diploma.
In a nutshell, regardless of the presumed value of an asset, through the use of valuation discounts, such assets may be treated as having a substantially discounted value for gift and estate tax purposes--the exact amount of the discount depending on the particular asset being valued.
The 25% discounted value on The Hardwick is offered thanks to Story Homes' requirement to provide affordable homes for local people.
75bn in cash and assumption of liabilities for future abandonment costs of the properties, with a discounted value of USD1.
Loans extended under this facility represent the discounted value of the collateral, which are the collectibles of the borrowing banks.
Moreover, the confirmation of commercial reserves in Brazil (JV with HRT) may add more value since the current P&P reserves at 500m bbls suggests reserve discounted value of $6-7b.
The present discounted value of the unfunded obligations of the Medicare system is $27.
On the other hand the officials of water and sewerage board have tasked MD, Misbah uddin Farid with showing loss in department's progress, in order to coerce it into privatization, so that outstanding could be paid to KESC and others, either at discounted value or have these waived off, altogether.
The most important metric for our chief financial officer and auditors is the discounted value of the A/R asset based on risk of default.
In the context of a two-period model, the utility of parents will thus be given by the discounted value of U = U([X.