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a large retail store organized into departments offering a variety of merchandise

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The firm also sells some foods in discount markets.
During the third quarter Delhaize Group decided to close its separate Super Discount Markets segment.
The report is divided into four sections - Part One provides a qualitative analysis of global discount trends, Part Two profiles the Top 10 discount retailers, Part Three analyses discount store development by region and Part Four looks in more depth at the characteristics of the world's ten largest discount markets.
has acquired nine Save-A-Lot stores from Super Discount Markets Inc.
Storm), based in Fairview, Texas, provides products and services to the retail industry and non-bank financial institutions (NFBI) to address 1) The Unprecedented Growth of the Cash Based Economy; 2) Convenience Stores, Check Cashing and Discount Markets emerging as the shopping and financial transaction hubs of the Cash Based Economy, and, 3) Retailers and Financial Centers Migrating Product and Services from Over-the-Counter to Automated Transactions.