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Synonyms for discount

Synonyms for discount

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

an amount deducted

Synonyms for discount

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

a refund of some fraction of the amount paid


Related Words

an amount or percentage deducted

give a reduction in price on

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In other words, wealth inequality in the benchmark results is mainly driven by wealth preference and the heterogeneity in discount factors.
4) The discount factor in a repeated game may also represent the likelihood of meeting the same group of players again by redefining the discount factor to be [?
This value can be explained by the high negative correlation between the stochastic discount factor and the returns on stocks, and by the relatively high standard deviation of the stochastic discount factor.
The authors first derive entry condition with high discount factor [delta] [greater than or equal to] 9/17.
The discount factor is taken from published discount tables.
Absent the exogenous increase in discount factors throughout the year, consumption would be 3.
kt] at time t and has time-separable utility with discount factor [delta] and period utility U([C.
These models predict that agents' personal discount factor will be equal to the equilibrium discount rate.
1) Probably the most popular is a discount factor technique in which the upland is valued by indirectly applying the sales comparison approach.
For example, if the business will survive the death of the employee and a competent successor can be found, a discount factor of 15 to 20 percent should be used.
The initial reaction of the financial markets was to increase the discount factor on future profits and reduce future profit projections, and hence stock market valuations fell markedly, as can be seen from charts 1 and 2.
The conclusion, drawn from the existing literature, is that while there is no generally accepted model of the stochastic discount factor, its conditional expectation must be relatively stable in order to explain the stability of the riskless real interest rate.
That's why in the example above, Camp A will recognize $6,500 in contributions and Camp B will recognize $1,000 (less an allowance for uncollectible pledges and a discount factor for the time value of money.
These are sometimes offset by increased financing costs of the new company in the LBO, whose risk-adjusted discount factor generally is greater than the parent's discount factor.
Open Competition: Performing their own and (or) involved personnel and means of building and construction works, designing, manufacturing and (or) the acquisition, supply, as well as carrying out commissioning of the equipment in accordance with the passed state examination of project documentation using a discount factor defined in the contest, and the Terms of Reference for the boiler room for the project Implementation of a package of measures to restructure the industrial capacity Nerekhta production unit Nerekhta Mechanical Plant JSC NPO Basalt, as well as providing the necessary documentation and technical assistance to the Customer in obtaining the Certificate of acceptance of completed construction object acceptance committee.