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Synonyms for discount

Synonyms for discount

to take away (a quantity) from another quantity

an amount deducted

Synonyms for discount

the act of reducing the selling price of merchandise

interest on an annual basis deducted in advance on a loan

a refund of some fraction of the amount paid


Related Words

an amount or percentage deducted

give a reduction in price on

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In other words, wealth inequality in the benchmark results is mainly driven by wealth preference and the heterogeneity in discount factors.
a)" is an individual whose discount factor is [delta](a), but that believes that it is [?
Again, we find that the only way to rationalize the hedged and unhedged payoffs is to characterize the peso event as one that involves moderate losses but a high value of the stochastic discount factor.
The first increases the serial correlation coefficient in the law of motion for the preference discount factor shifter ([d.
We first define the critical discount factor below which bidders are considered impatient.
Now we analyze selected ranges for the discount factor, DF, and out of this point we can infer selected ranges for the implicit discount rate, DR.
The estimation procedure is based on some arbitrary functional form linking the discount factor to the explanatory variables.
The answer is no if the representative consumer's preferences are usual ones assumed by macroeconomists--for example, time-separable logarithmic preferences with discount factor [beta] [member of] (0, 1).
Assuming that firms have the same discount factor, [delta] [member of] (0, 1), a firm's defection incentive (DI) is given by
Since applications with unequal discount factors [4, 5] are relatively rare and it is unclear how to solve them with model-free methods, we will only consider MDPs with several criteria each based on its own reward function, but using a common discount factor [gamma].
Higher, more uncertain interest rates imply a lower discount factor and hence lower equities prices.
Modern asset pricing theory posits the existence of a stochastic discount factor, [m.
A further advantage is that should you die within the seven years the investment will be reduced by a discount factor for IHT purposes.
All figures are 000s [pounds sterling] except discount factor (Disc.
where 0 < [beta] < 1 is the annual discount factor, [c.