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Synonyms for disco



Synonyms for disco

popular dance music (especially in the late 1970s)

a public dance hall for dancing to recorded popular music

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In various cases we have found that even after recommendation of taking legal action against bars discotheques etc, local police don't act on them.
The terminology has also changed, which means words like bar, discotheque and nightclub will be replaced with lounge.
Lounge, an Asian karaoke club playing Rock n' roll to the latest Korean/Chinese chart toppers, Tantra Club, a discotheque and Ratsky, another Fillipino hotspot for clubbers with a live DJ and band.
All stand alone discotheques and all 5 Star discotheques must close down the music by 12.
Les premiers sont pris en charge par les bibliotheques publiques et les discotheques, les seconds relevent de bibliotheques ou centres de documentation specialises, et la cooperation entre ces deux univers etanches s'est toujours averee difficile.
The music went underground and, at Le Discotheque in the Rue de la Huchette in 1941, people danced to records instead of a band.
Prof Arnold Wilkins, of Essex University said: "This flicker effect is not acceptable in TV programmes or discotheques.
Archiobel's 125 Hz Acoustic Frames use a unique combination of plaster, cellulose fibre and metal frames, which reduces noise produced by discotheques, airplanes, passing trains, or neighbours to a minimum.
Palaces, charming hotels, gourmet restaurants, local bistros, bars, discotheques, markets, designers, antiquarians, galleries, walks, museums and more--best pack the recovery syrum
You do everything - you lie on the beach and go to discotheques.
He said: "When got up in the middle of the night for work people were going to the discotheques.
Places covered by the ban on smoking include: Restaurants; bars and public houses; shops and shopping centres; hotels; libraries, museums and galleries; cinemas, concert halls, theatres, bingo halls, casinos, dance halls, discotheques, conference centres, public halls and exhibition halls; public toilets; club premises; offices, factories, educational institutions; hospitals, hospices and health centres; creches, day nurseries, day centres, churches, sports centres; airport passenger terminals, public transportation facilities and public transportation vehicles.
This is not only relevant in occupational settings but also with respect to leisure activities, including firecrackers, toy pistols, and other noisy toys; loud music in discotheques, concerts, and when listening via headphones; and noisy machines and tools (Maassen et al.
The country is also planning to hang up "no smoking" signs shortly in restaurants that serve food, bars, discotheques, public institutions and sports centres.
Other popular entertainment venues include discotheques and bars, which account for 17.