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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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Table 2: showing mean discontinuity planes based on major pole concentrations.
Three different slope faces (called SN-1, SN-2 and SN-3) were defined for the study based on their discontinuity properties (Figs 4b, c, d).
The size of the basis functions depends only on the number of edges Ni in the ith discontinuity which is different of the number of modes used.
And for many, perhaps even all, of the most important themes, I believe it will not be difficult to find both continuity and discontinuity on different levels and from different perspectives.
Ideal opening size with respect to discontinuity geometry and frequency;
In this way, the discontinuity is treated as a device of M + N electromagnetic ports, and each proper mode is taken as an electromagnetic port.
Technological Discontinuity and Motivations for Corporate Alliances
Some samples showed visible defects, but other seemed without any discontinuity and were completed with microscopy examinations.
Since almost any armature could lie under that wrapping, at least part of the work's aura originates in a suspicion of discontinuity and fracture: It seems doubtful that an artist who had shaped a body as carefully as Weisz has shaped this figure's head, hands, and feet would so hide her craft.
The discontinuity and the fact that so many were being appointed with no competition, for those reasons, the board said we need to relook at this,'' Summerbell said.
Renzo Piano hopes to turn this discontinuity to advantage, emphasising context and connective tissue as much as new construction.
It will take time for the scholarly and theological world to assess Wright's lasting contribution to the study of both Jesus within first-century Judaism and the continuity and discontinuity between Jesus' agenda and the faith of the early church.
Enders points out the radical discontinuity between this outcome and the view of marriage and conjugal life enacted in Catherine's story, but there is an even more startling disconnect in her next example, the martyrdom of Saint Barbara played twenty years later in the same city, for the actor who moved at least a couple of spectators to "go backstage to meet the star" was a young boy.
The quality of this connection strongly influences the size of the discontinuity and the bandwidth of the connection.
If the curve is above 50 [ohm], the discontinuity is inductive, otherwise it is capacitive.