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Synonyms for discontinuity

lack of unity

Synonyms for discontinuity

Antonyms for discontinuity

lack of connection or continuity

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5o)]) and discontinuity spacing index proposed by Pettifier and Fookes (1994).
In all this there was considerable discontinuity made possible by a "return to the sources," that is, by bringing a richer, deeper and broader tradition to bear.
Optimal direction of drive for tunneling-type operations, with respect to prevailing discontinuity orientations;
Technological Discontinuity and Motivations for Corporate Alliances
Some samples showed visible defects, but other seemed without any discontinuity and were completed with microscopy examinations.
Specifically ms m increases, oscillations that occur in the neighborhood of a jump discontinuity can be misidentified as true edges, as is evident in Figure 3.
The computational geometry literature is replete with discussions about the continuity of patches within themselves and with their neighbors (de Boor 1978; Lancaster and Salkauskas 1986; Dierckx 1993; Farin 1993), but there is relatively little attention given to surface discontinuity properties in the GIS literature.
Enders points out the radical discontinuity between this outcome and the view of marriage and conjugal life enacted in Catherine's story, but there is an even more startling disconnect in her next example, the martyrdom of Saint Barbara played twenty years later in the same city, for the actor who moved at least a couple of spectators to "go backstage to meet the star" was a young boy.
The quality of this connection strongly influences the size of the discontinuity and the bandwidth of the connection.
He is concerned mostly about the direction of contemporary New Testament scholarship which he feels waters down the discontinuity of Jesus from his Jewish roots.
29 /PRNewswire/ -- Risk Management Solutions (RMS), the world's leading provider of products and services for the management of catastrophe risk, and Earth Satellite Corporation (EarthSat) today announced two additions to the Climetrix(TM) weather derivatives trading and risk management system: a new discontinuity detection service for a number of the most frequently traded stations in the weather market, and the addition of enhanced historical Canadian temperature data.
When a discontinuity gap between what we expect and what happens becomes wide enough to cause us concern, we come to believe that we have a problem.
When a physical discontinuity (cracks, voids, seams) is present, it alters the interaction between the two magnetic fields.
The malleus and stapes were found to be normal and mobile on palpation, but there was a complete ossicular-chain discontinuity because the incus was absent.
Substantially updated and expanded from previous editions, this third edition continues to emphasize the philosophical and historical bases of the key conceptual issues in the field, the centrality of the nature-nurture issue, the importance of understanding the dynamics between continuity and discontinuity across the life span, the ways in which stances on the nature-nurture and continuity-discontinuity issues frame theories of human development, and on the associations among philosophy, concepts, theories, methods, and applications of developmental science.