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a person who announces and plays popular recorded music

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Asserting that "when the history of this company is written, I'm confident this filing will be viewed as a huge step to real success," the attorney for DiscJockey.
6 million unique users in the past month alone, DiscJockey.
The Chapter 11 filing will clear the way for DiscJockey.
Arbitron Webcast Network Ratings measures webcast networks across 2,200 webcast channels measured in October 2000, including newcomers DiscJockey.
They can enjoy back-to-back music without commercial interruptions but still get the same high-quality sound and music sequencing that make DiscJockey.
com (New Wave Broadcasting (Modern Adult Contemporary) LP) 71,200 Global Media, RealBroadcast Networks 52 DiscJockey - All Hits Power 2000 www.
NETH017 09/14/2000 10:04 r e bc-MA-DiscJockey-com (SALEM) DiscJockey.
The appointment of Jeffrey Averick to the DiscJockey.
s Internet division, which has among their clients such dynamic sites as DiscJockey.
30pm this afternoon, is a relative newcomer to Radio 2, joining in 1997 after 16 years on Capital FM but he has become one of the most peripatetic discjockeys on the Station.