Disciples of Christ

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a Protestant church that accepts the Bible as the only source of true Christian faith and practices baptism by immersion

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As a member of the Disciples of Christ, I especially want to lift up a statement from the Directory for the Application of the Decisions of the Second Ecumenical Council of the Vatican concerning Ecumenical Matters (Secretariat for Promoting Christian Unity, May 14, 1967), which, after quoting two passages from documents adopted by Vatican II, offers a statement that I would identify as a major legacy of Vatican II: "Baptism is, then, the sacramental bond of unity, indeed the foundation of communion among all Christians.
In 1908, the twenty-sixth Congress met in Chicago and was a joint session with "Baptists," Free Baptists, and Disciples of Christ.
The advisory board for the event includes a Jewish rabbi, a Benedictine nun and a Disciples of Christ minister, among others.
School chaplain Shaunie Schmoll brought an employment discrimination claim against her employer, Chapman University, which is affiliated with the Christian Church, Disciples of Christ.
Klansmen worshipped very largely at Methodist, Presbyterian, Disciples of Christ, Baptist and pietistic Lutheran churches.
Disciples are now involved in some 60 countries, with personnel in about a third of them, but because they have encouraged united Protestant churches abroad, little work remains anywhere in the world that is purely Disciples of Christ.
In responding to this question that was shared with each person who would be making a presentation at this consultation, there are five significant developments I would identify regarding our current understanding of "believers' baptism" within the Disciples of Christ.
But I do know this: as disciples of Christ we are not called to seek comfort zones that reflect our personality and wiring.
In Matthew's account, the other eleven remain disciples of Christ, but Judas is excluded and is transformed from a villain into a tragic figure.
He noted that groups representing the Jewish, Baptist, United Methodist, Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Disciples of Christ, Unitarian and Quaker communities have strongly opposed government-subsidized job bias.
Such a life may provide one with a safe and comfortable existence but it is for this very reason that it cannot be the motivational principle behind the Church's pastoral initiatives and commitment to evangelization which require true disciples of Christ to go against the grain that is imposed by false modernity.
A member of the Disciples of Christ, Shelton joined their Foreign Christian Missionary Society, which, after financing his medical studies, sent him to eastern Tibet as a medical doctor.
In his apostolic letter inaugurating the eucharistic year, John Paul was even more pointed: "We mustn't deceive ourselves; it's from our reciprocal love and, in particular, from the concern we have for those in need that we will be recognized as true disciples of Christ.
He also argues that the forgiveness central to Christ's passion and ministry opens the path to forgiveness by the disciples of Christ, who can face the power of evil with a graced realism that neither denies nor surrenders to it.
However, in his 1991 world religions book he writes that the Disciples of Christ evolved into the United Church of Christ, which makes as much sense as saying Baptists turned into Episcopalians.