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Synonyms for plan

Synonyms for plan

a method for making, doing, or accomplishing something

a method used in dealing with something

to have in mind as a goal or purpose

to set the time for (an event or occasion)


to work out and arrange the parts or details of

Synonyms for plan

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The maintenance of a disaster recovery plan requires an organization to closely monitor its MIS capabilities, keep an eye out for potential incidents that could damage or destroy its computer facility and cause a partial or complete loss of data, understand the effects such incidents can have on the successful implementation of their disaster recovery plan and integrate any necessary changes into the plan.
Storyboard: Document the Disaster Recovery Plan Now
The more time and effort a firm puts into its disaster recovery plan, the faster it will recover from a catastrophe.
Most respondents gave their disaster recovery plans a passing grade, but less than half consider them state-of-the-art.
By developing a comprehensive disaster recovery plan, LAMCO ensures that the organization is fully prepared and equipped to deal with any type of disaster, be it a fire, natural disaster or any other situation that may be unexpected, " said Brandon J.
Get the business up and running by executing the three phases of disaster recovery plan implementation to minimize downtime, recover systems, and restore normal operations.
When examining a firm's disaster recovery plan, one area that may need attention involves the handling of one's energy supplies, at both the technical and organizational levels.
Did you test your disaster recovery plan in the last 12 months?
This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) can be used as a Disaster Planning template for any size of enterprise.
Merrill Lynch's Honey has said in numerous media interviews that the company activated its disaster recovery plan within minutes of the attacks and immediately began transferring business-critical functions to its command center in New Jersey.
Provides a much-needed road map for businesses who want to put a technical disaster recovery plan in place, offering thorough, easy-to-use guidelines and realistic strategies for emergency preparedness, disaster management, and business continuity
A smaller percentage reported the undertaking of preliminary steps, such as the development of a disaster recovery plan for the first time, and the establishment of budgets for both disaster recovery and data backup.
This guide includes a seven-page summary of what disaster recovery planning is, what should go into a disaster recovery plan, and a checklist of critical points in a disaster plan that must not be overlooked.
Every small and home-based business owner should resolve to implement a workable disaster recovery plan to divert looming IT failure and potentially permanent data loss.
While some SMBs also used LAN and host-based backup, the vast majority of SMBs never really had a disaster recovery plan at all.
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