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an independent agency of the United States government that protects the interests of small businesses and ensures that they receive a fair share of government contracts


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3863, the Disaster Assistance Equity Act of 2015, in October.
According to the contract, Engility will have to support the Regional Disaster Assistance Program, which works with OFDA to assist 27 countries in the LAC region.
Disaster assistance also may be available to a household if a parent or guardian who is not eligible for assistance applies on behalf of a minor child who is a U.
The bill would extend the following disaster programs: the livestock indemnity program, the livestock forage program, the emergency livestock assistance program, the noninsured crop disaster assistance program (which covers losses to fruit producers who did not have access to crop insurance), and the tree assistance program, which provides financial assistance to orchardists and nursery tree growers to replant or rehabilitate eligible trees, bushes and vines damaged by natural disasters.
On July 4, close to 3,500 residents of the state had registered for disaster assistance through FEMA.
He added that even though the OFDA intends to remove its 17 aid workers employed at the Disaster Assistance Response Team (DART) from the flood-stricken country, the government has plans to send a permanent relief body to reconstruct Pakistan.
International Disaster Assistance International Disaster 361,350 165,000 429,739 -- 298,050 Assistance * The FY 2008 estimate includes funding designated as emergency funding as described in Section 5 (preceding Division A) of the FY 2008 Consolidated Appropriations Act.
5 million individuals (about 5 percent) who received disaster assistance benefits for hurricanes Katrina and Rita and owed over $700 million combined in unpaid federal taxes prior to those hurricanes.
Prior to this position, she served as a director of the Commissioner's Office of the New York City Human Resources Administration, where along with other disaster relief organizations, she established and managed the City's Disaster Assistance Services Center at 141 Worth Street.
This means that in the event of a disaster, the United States could face a disruption in airport screening or delays in processing government disaster assistance grants, the audit warned.
Also included in the CSF were the United Nations emergency services, United States Agency for International Development, Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance, Disaster Assistance Response Teams, World Health Organization, and multiple nongovernmental organizations (NGOs).
Commercial salmon fishermen in Oregon and California are seeking federal disaster assistance because of sharp reductions in fishing seasons they blame on continuing water problems in the Klamath Basin.
Some organizations have sent medical, emergency services and social service personnel to work in stricken communities and the Disaster Assistance Response Team of the Canadian Defence Forces is now serving in stricken areas of Sri Lanka.
The Small Business Administration has announced sourcing competitions for temporary disaster assistance workers.
premiums; disaster assistance program- financing options during drought; real estate market values/interest rates; financial strength; third quarter highlights; 85th anniversary of Farm Credit Services.
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