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the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery)

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Join Vincent Benony (aka bSr43), developer of Hopper Disassembler, as he discusses the premise, and how to use Hopper Dedicated Disassembler for both Mac, and with the new iOS support.
Updated to reflect new capabilities in the latest versions of IDA pro, this volume provides an unofficial user's handbook for performing common complex tasks with this popular software disassembler.
Packet Data TCP/IP and UDP/IP software stack with Packet Assembler Disassembler
He also explains how to build compilers and tools that generate ILAsm code and how to read and analyze the ILAsm code that the IL disassembler generates.
The Gattman virus spreads through the program Interactive Disassembler Pro (IDA), produced by DataRescue.
In addition to the OCP checker, CoreCreator II now includes OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) and OCP performance analyzer (ocpperf2) tools.
Tenders are invited for Supply and Training (for 2 days at Hyderabad) of the following Softwares:- Disassembler Software,X86 Decompiler Software (Detailed Technical Specifications of the softwares as per Annexure enclosed)
The SOLV package includes Sonics SVA OCP Checker, OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) and OCP performance analyzer (ocpperf2).
Second, Sonics' performance analyzer (ocpperf2) and disassembler (ocpdis2) measure interface performance and help view the behavior of the OCP traffic.
H&H Hydraulics Invests in Hydraulic Disassembler 47
To support the C40, DDC-I has developed a new C40 compiler, code generator, and disassembler.