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the act of taking something apart (as a piece of machinery)

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Also, we used a complete CentOS installation (7 cd's) to test the ELF engine presented, modifying the network disassembler to read the files from the disk.
A disassembler, which can be generated by the toolkit, makes it easier to find the source of the error.
The disassembler translates machine language into assembly language and generates CFG for the binary.
edu that he was making available the unas disassembler that he (and others at Purdue) used to disassemble the virus.
The SOLV package includes Sonics SVA OCP Checker, OCP disassembler (ocpdis2) and OCP performance analyzer (ocpperf2).
Second, Sonics' performance analyzer (ocpperf2) and disassembler (ocpdis2) measure interface performance and help view the behavior of the OCP traffic.
To support the C40, DDC-I has developed a new C40 compiler, code generator, and disassembler.
disassembler tries to read the invalid metadata, it will
Starting from a reusable description in the C-like LISA (Language for Instruction Set Architecture) description language the MaxCore Developer Suite automatically generates various processor simulator types, assembler, disassembler and debugger interfaces.
RIM Software Designer is a set of software development tools generated using EDGE and includes a simulator using JIT-CC(TM), a macro-assembler, linker, archiver, disassembler and debugger.
Additional protection against reverse engineering: Dotfuscator Professional Edition is able to insert invalid metadata to your application that will break current versions of ildasm (the disassembler that ships with the Microsoft .
It is comprised of LISATek simulators including JIT-CC(TM) -- the fastest instruction set simulator available -- plus code generation tools (assembler and linker), disassembler, and debugger.
SuperTAP is Applied's top-of-the-line high performance in-circuit emulator with full overlay, bus trace, event detection and disassembler capabilities required for application, firmware and hardware development.