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state unambiguously or remove ambiguities from

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We downloaded all disambiguation pages and we selected random subset of these pages for which we downloaded pages they are linking to.
From every disambiguation page and the pages it was linking to, we created one source document by combining abstracts of all pages in random order.
Table 1: Parameters of dataset used in simulation Attribute Number All disambiguation pages 226 363 Selected disambiguation pages 86 Pages disambiguation pages are linking to 629 Categories 2 654 All downloaded pages 232 642 Table 2: Simulation results for spreading activation based method and tf-idf based method.
Supposing vague sentences are counted as ambiguous, capable of being used to express a number of distinct (precise) propositions, and that they count as true just if true on all disambiguations (i.
The rule of modus ponens is only valid if both the conditional premise and the separate supposition of its antecedent can be established as true with uniform disambiguation throughout the premise set.
A vague sentence "A" and its negation might both be true (since they each have some true disambiguation i.
Adapting the lesk algorithm for word sense disambiguation using wordnet.
Automatic sense disambiguation using machine readable dictionaries: How to tell a pine cone from an ice cream cone".