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discrimination in favor of the able-bodied

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Commonwealth authority and conservative sanctioned paternalism function with the ideology of disablism to control the behaviour of people with a disability.
For much of its history, Commonwealth authority and conservative sanctioned paternalism and coercion operated in conjunction to perpetuate and entrench the ideology of disablism through disability income support legislative and administrative frameworks.
Disablism is entrenched within the Australian disability income support system through the ideologies of Commonwealth authority and conservative sanctioned paternalism and coercion.
In addition, disablism works in more subtle ways, getting 'under the skin' of families, through, for instance, excluding them from the culture of the school attended by their disabled child, unintended thoughtless actions or a health professional using negative language when describing the child's expected prognosis.
Professionals need to be aware of the subtle impacts of disablism and to work with carers to understand its potentially damaging elements.
Conference speakers highlighted the impact of disablism on disabled children, the effects of disability on their care and their increased vulnerability to abuse.
Launched in 2004, the campaign aims to end disablism - the discrimination of disabled people.
We, at the British Council of Disabled People, are the umbrella organisation representing disabled people empowered by understanding the social model of disability, recognising that attitudes, environments and often poverty contribute to prejudice, discrimination, institutional disablism and the oppression of disabled people.