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When compared to people without disabilities, people with disabilities are less prepared to meet the challenges of adulthood and are more likely to continue to live with their parents after high school and engage in fewer-social activities (Moccia, Schumaker, Hazel, Vernon & Deshler, 1989; Massachusetts Transition Initiative, 1996).
The people I met included parents of children with disabilities, people with disabilities and professionals.
The Post Behaviour Management Training currently required is for the adult social care workforce where people with learning disabilities, people with autism, dementia or older people may be at risk of being subject to restrictive practices and restrictive interventions of care.
Projects must be run by or for older people, people with learning disabilities, people with mental health issues, people with drug and/or alcohol issues, people with a physical and/or sensory impairment or long-term condition, and unpaid carers.
Edwards most recently served as corporate vice president for human resources at NHS Human Services, a Philadelphia-based national organization providing specialized services for older citizens, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, people with mental health issues, and those in the juvenile justice and foster care systems.
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