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He was diagnosed with learning disabilites a few years ago at roughly the same age as Michael.
As shown in Figure 5, this was not the case: rehabilitation rates for individuals with severe disabilites remained relatively stable during the study period.
Curriculum and assessment for students with moderate and severe disabilites.
Falzarano, CAE Executive Director, Council for Learning Disabilites, Leesburg, Virginia; afalzarano@mcs-amc.
They have been able to overcome their disabilites and do a "normal" activity that others would take for granted.
Because they work with children in this area who have complex disabilites it would be regretable if it closed.
Dan Gallipeau several years ago, (207) I decried the lack of understanding and knowledge of the Americans with Disabilites Act ("ADA") (208) among American lawyers and urged lawyers to educate themselves about it to avoid making fundamental errors by not distinguishing ADA issues from Title VII issues.
No place like home [electronic resource] : home modifications and renovations for people with disabilites or other long-term care needs.
More than 200 people in the town with learning disabilites receive care from the council's social services and some of that number have been involved in making the video.
The Department of Health aims to ensure that the needs of parents with learning disabilites are recognised.
Controversial therapies for developmental disabilites.
Indeed, the days when kindly allowances were made for cricketers with disabilites are long gone.
In Farrell and McDougall (2008), five 9th-graders with various disabilities, including specific learning disabilites in math, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Tourette's Syndrome, and Bi-Polar, used the MotivAider to self-monitor the pace at which they wrote answers to math problems, during independent practice in a special education, basic math skills classroom.