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god of the underworld


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Der an't no saying'--never--'bout no kind o' thing in dis yer world," he said, at last.
Missis don't want dis yer Mas'r Haley to get Lizy's boy; dat's de go
Now, you see, get all dese yer hosses loose, caperin' permiscus round dis yer lot and down to de wood dar, and I spec Mas'r won't be off in a hurry.
Mas'rs' hoss wants rubben down; see how he splashed hisself; and Jerry limps too; don't think Missis would be willin' to have us start dis yer way, no how.
Didn't I see which way the wind blew dis yer mornin'?
em putt'n dey han's up 'fo' dey eyes en sayin' to David and Goliah en dem yuther prophets, 'Dat chile is dress' to indelicate fo' dis place.
You's young Marse Tom fum dis out, en I got to practice and git used to 'memberin' to call you dat, honey, or I's gwine to make a mistake sometime en git us bofe into trouble.
He's de smartes' man in dis town, lessn' it's Jedge Driscoll or maybe Pem Howard.
Den he said: 'She haf locked herself in dis room, and he haf torn up der thatch.
If I could haf known it vas like dis, I vould never haf come for such money as you gif me.
I jis' bet he couldn' fine no way to git aroun' it DIS time.
No, massa, I bring dis here pissel;" and here Jupiter handed me a note which ran thus:
One, two, tree, four, fibe - I done pass fibe big limb, massa, pon dis side.
Mos feerd for to ventur pon dis limb berry far - tis dead limb putty much all de way.
Yes, massa, him dead as de door-nail - done up for sartain - done departed dis here life.