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This was just after the Dirty Thirties and times weren't very good.
There is, too, the iconic Bennett buggy, a car with its engine removed and pulled by a horse, a symbol of futility that seems to capture the essence of the Dirty Thirties.
Rifkind presents Dorothy Livesay, our poet of the Dirty Thirties if ever there was one, and Empress of Canadian poetry, if ever we shall have one.
Besides leading Albertans from the poverty of the Dirty Thirties to the affluence of the oil years, Manning always carried on with the weekly ministries.
The Socreds, for example, were a collectivist, utopian and, frankly, weird alternative to the CCF in the Dirty Thirties.
Arne has positively affected the lives of so many--whether they were among the legions of unemployed searching for work and dignity during the dirty thirties, or the selfless volunteers who fought the Fascists and Nazis in Spain when their governments lacked the courage to stand up to them, or the soldiers of many nations whom he served alongside in Italy and Holland, or those returned men and workers who banded together after the war to maintain their rights.
I recently read The Dirty Thirties, by William Hull.
A personal account of life in Saskatchewan during the Dirty Thirties.
The author then compared the drought conditions in 1895 to the Dirty Thirties.