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That sucks But even that's not so bad 'cause it gives me time to mess around or do other things--ride dirtbikes and buy Chevy Novas.
I've been able to carry ZipShot in my backpack, on my dirtbike and on skis.
Kilmurray Street, possible intoxicated male on a dirtbike.
In its initial testing, Motorcycle Superstore segmented its subscribers into three groups - Sportbike, Dirtbike and Cruiser, and delivered specific email content by category.
Table 14: Leading Players in the US Cruiser MotorcycleMarket (2011): Percentage Breakdown by Volume Sales forHarley-Davidson, Honda, Yamaha and Others (includescorresponding Graph/Chart) III-5Generation Y Powers Dirtbike & Sport Bike Sales III-6Table 15: Leading Players in the US Dirtbike Market (2011): Percentage Breakdown by Volume Sales for Honda,Yamaha, Kawasaki, and Others (includes correspondingGraph/Chart) III-6
IT'S been a long cold winter away from the racetracks, with only my dirtbike and mud to keep me entertained.
The MSF Campus at Irving offers the complete system of MSF street and off-road rider education and training opportunities available to date including the Basic RiderCourse(SM), the Experienced RiderCourse, and the DirtBike School, as well as the ATV Safety Institute's ATV RiderCourse.
For individuals interested in off-highway riding, there is the MSF DirtBike School(SM), a day-long program that integrates classroom instruction and basic techniques for riding off-highway motorcycles taught in a controlled riding environment with a focus on body positioning, being a Right Rider and environmental awareness.
The Web site allows users to select individual riding style preferences during registration, such as dirtbike, sportbike, ATV, touring and cruiser, affording them easy and customized navigation throughout the site and access to instant updates on specials from the online store.
Participants in the event include Dan Severn, Sabu, Dirtbike Kid, Becky Levi, Michael Kovac, Victoria Demontfort, Frankie Capone, The Dominator and others.
com is a Philadelphia-based online retailer which caters to Motorcycle, Dirtbike and ATV enthusiasts.
The products that made the list span the ultimate best in sportbike, cruiser, scooter, dirtbike and ATV accessories and gear.
Zero Motorcycles first entered the motorcycle category with the 2008 Zero X electric dirtbike.
Zero Motorcycles first entered the motorcycle category with the launch of the 2008 Zero X electric dirtbike.
Of primary interest are the Motorcycle, ATV, DirtBike, and Bicycle markets, but the simplicity of the product has applications that navigate all ways of life.