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a miniature whirlwind strong enough to whip dust and leaves and litter into the air

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Description: The recalled Dirt Devil Turbo Tool attachment was sold as a vacuum accessory with the corded Dirt Devil Scorpion Turbo Quick Flip Hand Vac.
Marketing Director Steven Anderson had this to say: “PcPools has been a leading retailer of Dirt Devil automatic pool cleaners for approximately 10 years, and is proud to be an authorized dealer.
Under this licensing agreement, Royal Appliance Manufacturing, the manufacturer of the Dirt Devil brand of vacuums, will produce, promote and distribute Dirt Devil Sweeper Vac with Swiffer, while P&G retains all rights to the Swiffer trademark.
Simple Solution for Complete Clean: With on-board tools and a hose, five position height adjustment, and a wide 14-inch nozzle, the new Total Vision[TM] Upright by Dirt Devil new cleaner is propelled by a powerful motor to allow for total home cleaning.
We're proud to be associated with the ESPYs," said Dirt Devil Vice President David Cheney.
The company's core products are in ground pool vinyl liners, above ground pool vinyl liners, Armor Shield Liner protection program, custom pool safety covers, above ground pool safety fence, in ground pool safety fence, Dirt Devil robotic pool cleaners, Dirt Devil suction pool cleaners, Dirt Devil accessories, winter pool covers, and solar reel systems.
Consumers are putting Dirt Devil vacuums on their holiday lists, Gurreri said.
Take hold of the Dirt Devil Cruiser, a self-propelled bagless upright.
Company Partners with Former Dirt Devil Leadership Team to Launch Mint
Makers of Hoover, Dirt Devil and Oreck brands preserves downtown Cookeville business
TTI, which also owns the Dirt Devil brand--fourth on the HFN list--is hoping to revive Hoover with a mix of aggressive advertising, marketing and new product development.
We've been big fans of Dirt Devil products for years, and now that the Royal Appliance Mfg.
One of the newest models of the season is the Dirt Devil Platinum Force $229, available at most discount department stores.
Milano homes are pre-plumbed and pre-wired for a Dirt Devil Whole Home Cleaning System, enabling a more powerful and quieter system that eliminates dust, dirt and allergens significantly better than traditional vacuum systems.