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Synonyms for dirigible

a steerable self-propelled aircraft

capable of being steered or directed


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In September 1923, the Navy launched USS Shenandoah (ZR 1), the first American-built military dirigible.
Edwards saw moving through the storm was the Hindenburg, a rigid German airship, or dirigible, on its first trans-Atlantic crossing of the year.
I started researching this alternative means of flying after readers told of seeing a dirigible flying over Huddersfield in about 1930.
Other tours de force are a sequence with a flock of Canadian geese, his handling of wind and water, and an accident involving the helium-filled dirigible.
However, lighter-than-air balloons and dirigibles, missiles, rockets, drones, remotely piloted or unmanned vehicles, and spacecraft are not included.
Tempted by his-and-hers camels for (in inflation-adjusted dollars) $26,235 or his-and-hers dirigibles for $292,596, the mullahs would have sunk into decadence.
Reason: You've written in your columns about the strategic helium reserve the government keeps in case we have a sudden need for a fleet of dirigibles.
The base will be the first location outside of Germany where CargoLifter's immense freight-carrying dirigibles will be produced and maintained.
Jefferson is like one of those dirigibles at a Super Bowl, floating above the stadium and flashing inspirational messages to both teams.
It was the first in a series of dirigibles he would fly.
A loosely affiliated menacing armada of eighteen black and blue dirigibles covered with threatening insignia flying through bad weather in an aggressive formation trying to find a place to land.
Karl Arnstein, who had worked at the famous Luftschiffbau-Zeppelin works in Germany and became one of the leading aeronautical engineers of his day, migrated to the United States after the wan He believed that dirigibles could provide commercially viable passenger transport--as the success of the German "Graf Zeppelin" proved--and that there were military applications to be exploited.
Nevertheless, dirigibles couldn't cut it as bombers.
On a series of floor-to-ceiling video panels built into the back of the set, we see video-gamelike composite graphics of the Manhattan skyline, complete with fluffy clouds and moving dirigibles, as well as an animated reproduction of the leaping fountain right here in our atrium.
Flights include admission to the Moffett Field Museum, which details the massive dirigibles and hard working Navy Blimps of the past.