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Synonyms for dirham

100 dirhams equal 1 riyal in Qatar

the basic unit of money in the United Arab Emirates

the basic unit of money in Morocco

100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Tunisia

100 dirhams equal 1 dinar in Libya

worth one tenth of a Kuwaiti dinar

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Dirhem said that now even safe places such as Soqotra Island have been negatively affected by the past year's turmoil.
Dirhem indicated that palm plantations need between 5-8 years to grow again.
In December 2008, Dirhem Al-Qadasi, head of ER at the Science and Technology Hospital was stabbed to death by the relatives of an elderly patient who died while in his department.
Rich finds of Islamic dirhems all around the Baltic tell that the economic wind was blowing from the East in the 9th and 10th centuries.
Guo translates: "Nothing will prevent me from sending forward [the aforesaid goods] except [if the payment is made in] silver dirhems.