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(computer science) the name given to a computer file in order to distinguish it from other files

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While hiding an entire file or a directory name is helpful, hiding a single character within a file or directory name also can be effective.
The sector is healthy again today on news that InfoSpace will purchase online directory name Switchboard for $160 million in cash.
Immediately following the Catalyst 99 conference, The Burton Group hosted a Directory Name Space and Best Practices Workshop that was attended by members of the Network Applications Consortium (NAC), Burton Group analysts and consultants, and leading directory industry experts.
3 The value range of each delivery and define specific codes and CPV directory names will always be defined in the contract notice for a particular delivery.
Egypt's Business Directory names the top five local banks
Two file directory names, "myrtus" and "guava," could be an allusion to the biblical Queen Esther, who intervened to save the Jewish people from destruction at the hands of a Persian king.
As a result of the flaw, IIS's FTP server fails to properly parse specially crafted directory names, allowing hackers to force a stack buffer overflow and then inject malicious code onto the Web server.
DID you know you can avoid typing full directory names when changing directories from the Command Prompt?
Advanced users can use the built-in macros that specify destination directory names, and allow for date/time stamping of each backup folder.
The PC Controlled CD Organizer from KDS provides more than just storage for CDs, it's connected to your computer to provide a searchable database of titles, keywords, filenames, and directory names that will open a drawer with the disc you need after you highlight and click on the term or name you are looking for.
Long file names are available for directory names, too.
I gave it directory names and ended up with everything going into the root directory.
Remember to look for the README or Index files, which will provide special instructions about the site, such as file and directory names you seek, as well as e-mail addresses to get additional help from site personnel.
You have to look closely to distinguish between files and directories, although some people write directory names with a capital letter so they stand out (and when sorted, names with capitals are sorted before those starting with lower case).
This versatile software can create single-session and multi-session discs, and provides an option to screen non-ISO 9660 file and directory names.
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