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Synonyms for director

Synonyms for director

one who is highest in rank or authority

a person having administrative or managerial authority in an organization

something or someone that shows the way

Synonyms for director

someone who controls resources and expenditures

member of a board of directors

someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show

the person who directs the making of a film

the person who leads a musical group

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What really gets my goat is when second-jobber MPs say directorships or continuing as barristers helps give them "reallife experience".
Directorships and consultancies for MPs should be unlawful.
Labour leader Ed Miliband wrote to Mr Cameron urging the Prime Minister to ban MPs from directorships and consultancies.
That could refer to anything from a share-holding in a pharmaceutical company to a directorship in a firm that provides services to the NHS.
But she said becoming a board director has "various ramifications" and managers offered a directorship should consider it carefully.
Compensation amounts for directorship activities vary greatly depending on responsibilities and duties, not to mention the type of organization, according to a survey of 1,399 medical directors, released in April by the Medical Group Management Association.
In his opinion, interlocking directorships can, firstly, result from the accidental overlapping of business activities conducted by two people and, secondly, they can also reflect the conscious and intentional manner of establishing links between enterprises at the level of the people involved, or be geared towards intensifying or stabilising existing links.
Since February he's been banned from company directorships after an Insolvency Service investigation.
Paul Lee, chairman Senior partner of law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP and has held various company directorships, including directorship of the Yorkshire Building Society.
Looking at the overall findings, the first year of this research reveals that out of a total of 1,112 directorships on BSE- 100 firms, just 59 directorships or 5.
Summary: A new report has shown that the number of company directorships held by women has remained the same over the past year.
THE number of company directorships held by women has remained the same over the past year, leaving boardrooms male-dominated, according to a new report today.
AS IF the unacceptable state of affairs on MPs' expenses was not enough, an even worse skeleton is about to flop out of the cupboard in the shape of MPs' second jobs - or in the case of some MPs, five, six or seven other jobs, directorships and business interests.
Creditsafe, the business credit information experts, says that together they can boast an impressive 27 directorships.
The firm further noted that the settlements may cause directors to "accelerate" the process of winnowing out their directorships.
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