Director of Central Intelligence

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the head of the United States Intelligence Community and director of the Central Intelligence Agency


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28, the president signed an executive order to expand the powers of the director of central intelligence to perform many of the functions of a proposed national intelligence director until Congress comes up with legislation to codify the position.
Albright and Director of Central Intelligence George J.
The accreditations permit the use of Presto by all agencies and departments that process intelligence information under the Director of Central Intelligence Directive (DCID) 6/3.
Dean of the Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy(Tufts) and Former Commander, US European Command, Supreme Allied Commander Europe; The Honorable William Webster , Former Director Federal Bureau of Investigation, Former Director of Central Intelligence, and Chairman of the Board of the Homeland Security Advisory Council; Ambassador R.
The former director of central intelligence, George Tenet, has frequently claimed that he "declared war" on al-Qaeda after the African embassy bombings of 1998, but Agency insiders have long noted that he failed to back up that declaration by committing any new resources or creating career incentives that would have drawn the best officers into the al-Qaeda task force.
The varying degrees of control between different administrations, and the relationship between the president and his Director of Central Intelligence, are key factors that determine both the degree of autonomy given to the agency and the amount of operational detail a president receives.
For the record, Kelley was succeeded by William Webster, later Director of Central Intelligence, and then came William Sessions and Freeh.
Lake was nominated for Director of Central Intelligence, the John Birch Society and other anti-government fringe groups launched a smear campaign.
When President Bush rushed to appoint Porter Goss, a partisan Florida congressman, as director of central intelligence before the election, the choice raised concerns about how serious Mr.
Bush signed executive orders giving the director of central intelligence interim authority of a national intelligence director until that post is created by Congress.
Currently, the director of central intelligence runs 15 intelligence agencies, but has budgetary control only over the CIA and is not a member of the president's national security team.
As director of central intelligence (DCI) under Clinton, Tenet promoted an "antileak statute," designed to make potential felons of those who express themselves on any issue about which they ever had access to classified information.
The casting of the director of Central Intelligence as diplomat has been a potentially dangerous mission in uncharted waters, raising questions about whether such a public role is suited to an agency more accustomed to working behind the scenes.
WANTING THE JOB: "Immediately after I had stepped down as Director of Central Intelligence in 1976, I distinctly remember the thought crossing my mind.
In an introduction to the report, the acting director of central intelligence, George Tenet, said the documents proved that ``intelligence support associated with operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm, particularly in the areas of information distribution and analysis, should have been better.
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