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marketing via a promotion delivered directly to the individual prospective customer

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Look at it this way: If I want to send you something and have to call you or write you to make sure it's OK to send you this material, do you know what it's going to do to the direct-marketing industry?
The addition of the Ecometry software has given us a first-class direct-marketing solution that has caught the attention of many companies," said Mark Layton, PFSweb president and chief executive officer.
The Ecometry system and its supporting modules provide all the tools needed to manage every aspect of a direct-marketing campaign," he said.
net as well as of ALC, said: "Impower's mission is to combine our twenty-five years of highly successful experience in traditional list-based direct marketing with the Web's power to support a new direct-marketing business model whose proprietary technology includes TransAct
The ability for marketers to communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis with reliability, security and scalability is a rapidly growing force that is becoming an essential new part of every advertising and direct-marketing program.
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