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The new gunnery manuals will standardize resources and requirements, streamline training programs, provide common evaluation procedures, and establish a common set of qualification tables for all direct-fire weapon systems.
Establish and disseminate direct-fire control measures to all soldiers (enemy locations, target reference points, fire patterns).
There was at least one instance when an 81ram direct-fire mortar was mounted in the cargo bed of a 3/4-ton cargo truck at a Special Forces camp in Vietnam.
The Russians successfully used direct-fire artillery, RPGs, automatic grenade fire and machine gun fire to pin-down the Chechens while attacking through smoke to seize a building.
Also important is the connotation of the term "seize," which implies a direct-fire engagement or an attack to secure and occupy terrain.
RJRT's vice president of product evaluation, will summarize Reynolds Tobacco's findings, which, based on sensitive in-vitro biological tests, indicate that there is no difference in the toxicity of the "tar" produced by low-TSNA cigarettes compared to the "tar" of cigarettes made with direct-fire cured tobacco.
RJR's method preserves the way flue-cured tobacco is cured in existing bulk barns, but uses heat exchangers, instead of direct-fire heating.
Army's Future Combat System (FCS), LRAS3 provides heavy battalion, Light Cavalry Squadron and Stryker Brigade Combat Team Scouts with the capability to conduct 24-hour surveillance and reconnaissance missions at safe distances and operate well outside the direct-fire range of detected threats.
Powered by Ultralife's rugged, custom-engineered 14-volt, six ampere-hour lithium ion batteries and multiple-bay chargers, the Weapon Effects Simulation system features a fully integrated Direct-Fire Weapons Effects Simulation system that includes Cubic's new Precision Combat Training System and advanced software-based exercise control and after-action review technology.
The additional standoff capability of the LRAS3 enables scouts to operate well outside the direct-fire range of the detected threat.
Cubic is also promoting its Precision Combat Training System, a direct-fire weapons simulation system that supports both precision gunnery and tactical training.
These direct-fire laser bullets are used to simulate the direct-fire casualty effects of each soldier's target engagements on the battlefield.
The use of direct-fire burners fueled by propane gas to flue-cure tobaccos began in the late 1960s and early 1970s (Fisher, 2000).
Under the initial contract, Cubic will provide a fully integrated Direct-Fire Weapons Effects Simulation (DFWES) system.
PCTS, a direct-fire weapons simulation system, is the first system of its kind that supports both precision gunnery and tactical training requirements in realistic, rugged environments.
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