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fire delivered on a target that is not itself used as the point of aim for the weapons

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lt;B The Castlemartin site in Pembrokeshire, where an incident left two soldiers dead and two more in hospital, is one of two in the UK used for tanks and armoured units to carry out direct-fire exercises
The new gunnery manuals will standardize resources and requirements, streamline training programs, provide common evaluation procedures, and establish a common set of qualification tables for all direct-fire weapon systems.
Establish and disseminate direct-fire control measures to all soldiers (enemy locations, target reference points, fire patterns).
There was at least one instance when an 81ram direct-fire mortar was mounted in the cargo bed of a 3/4-ton cargo truck at a Special Forces camp in Vietnam.
The Russians successfully used direct-fire artillery, RPGs, automatic grenade fire and machine gun fire to pin-down the Chechens while attacking through smoke to seize a building.
Army's Future Combat System (FCS), LRAS3 provides heavy battalion, Light Cavalry Squadron and Stryker Brigade Combat Team Scouts with the capability to conduct 24-hour surveillance and reconnaissance missions at safe distances and operate well outside the direct-fire range of detected threats.
Powered by Ultralife's rugged, custom-engineered 14-volt, six ampere-hour lithium ion batteries and multiple-bay chargers, the Weapon Effects Simulation system features a fully integrated Direct-Fire Weapons Effects Simulation system that includes Cubic's new Precision Combat Training System and advanced software-based exercise control and after-action review technology.
The additional standoff capability of the LRAS3 enables scouts to operate well outside the direct-fire range of the detected threat.
Cubic is also promoting its Precision Combat Training System, a direct-fire weapons simulation system that supports both precision gunnery and tactical training.
These direct-fire laser bullets are used to simulate the direct-fire casualty effects of each soldier's target engagements on the battlefield.
The use of direct-fire burners fueled by propane gas to flue-cure tobaccos began in the late 1960s and early 1970s (Fisher, 2000).
Under the initial contract, Cubic will provide a fully integrated Direct-Fire Weapons Effects Simulation (DFWES) system.
PCTS, a direct-fire weapons simulation system, is the first system of its kind that supports both precision gunnery and tactical training requirements in realistic, rugged environments.
LRAS3 replaces obsolete systems that require scouts to enter within the direct-fire range of the detected threat.
AWES features fully integrated Tactical Engagement Simulation, including automated exercise data collection and analysis tools, direct-fire simulation effects, reliable field instrumentation, area weapons effects, and professional After Action Review (AAR) facilities.
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