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an electric current that flows in one direction steadily

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With DolWin6, we are responsible for all stages of the project relating to the cable system, including design, anufacture, logistics and installation, and after previous projects such as Beatrice, Italy-Montenegro and NordLink, we once again have the chance to demonstrate our expertise in high-voltage direct-current transmission.
Product development and testing, as well as the exhibition and promotion of direct-current distribution systems, will be handled at the DC Development and Demonstration Facility, which was inaugurated in July at Mitsubishi Electric's Power Distribution Systems Center in Marugame, Kagawa Prefecture, Japan.
Recently a number of issues have been raised in connection with operating safety of systems and equipment (such as effective protection of direct-current circuits in frequency converters).
As the only provider on the market, we have already successfully commissioned four offshore direct-current connection projects.
Based on the findings, Schiff has obtained approval from his medical center to begin limited testing of steady, direct-current electric fields on humans.
Direct-current motors have been popular since they displaced steam engines as a source of train propulsion in the 1940s.
Choose from lightweight, compact Swagelok rack and pinion pneumatic actuators; ISO 5211-compliant rack and pinion pneumatic actuators; or Swagelok electric actuators, available in alternating and direct-current modes.
In a consortium with Petrofac Siemens will supply the complete technology for efficient direct-current transmission for the BorWin3 grid connection as the consortium leader.
Multi-Terminal Direct-Current Grids: Modeling, Analysis, and Control
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