inguinal hernia

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hernia in which a loop of intestine enters the inguinal canal

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Objective: To compare the operative time, the postoperative pain scores, duration of hospital stay and wound infection rates between Lichtenstein and totally extra peritoneal (TEP) laparoscopic hernia repair for direct inguinal hernias.
The diagnosis of unilateral primary uncomplicated indirect and direct inguinal hernia was made on basis of history of reducible groin swelling and essentially on clinical examination, appropriate laboratory and radiological investigations and followup of the cases.
Lotheissen (1878) described the high approach through the posterior wall of the inguinal canal; its disadvantage is the increased incidence of subsequent direct inguinal hernia through the disrupted posterior wall.
If the femoral vein is not compressed, a direct inguinal hernia is expected.
Forty percent (n= 30) of cases on preoperative examination had a direct inguinal hernia and 60% (n= 45) had an indirect hernia in Group 1, amongst Group 2 64% (n= 48) had a direct inguinal hernia and 36% (n= 27) had an indirect inguinal hernia on preoperative examination.
It is customary to operate on most inguinal hernias unless patient is inactive or terminally ill and in case there is a trivial direct inguinal hernia in elderly.
A hernia starting in this fossa may protrude through the abdominal wall as a direct inguinal hernia (External supravesical hernia) or it remains within the abdomen, passing into spaces around the bladder (Internal supravesical hernia).
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