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a reflected optical image (as seen in a plane mirror)

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Thus, the first direct image of a potentially habitable planet around a Sun-like star will probably come from another space mission.
Direct image address to mail piece (flat size) $ _______ / 1000
html) ESO's Very Big Telescope in Chile, the team of astronomers was able to take a direct image of HD 95086 b, orbiting around the star HD 95086.
A unique, dual, Three-layer Responsive Ultimate Engine (TRUE) II image processing engine, which is dedicated to Foveon X3 direct image sensors to improve the processing speed and overall quality of the final image, and provide high-resolution power
The F19 direct image sensor employs Foveon's unique X3 stacked-pixel design.
This upgraded, high-resolution, compact digital camera with a fixed lens is named in honor of Richard "Dick" Merrill, the co-creator of the Foveon X3 Direct Image Sensor technology that powers Sigma's unique lineup of cameras.
Perhaps the most intriguing of the three findings is a direct image of what may prove to be a planet.
As more and more photographers turn to direct image licensing, PhotoDeck[TM] offers a customizable photography website platform to share their work and sell at their own prices - with no commission.
Over the next decade, large telescopes with mirrors that can flex 100 times a second to correct for the blurring effects of Earth's atmosphere may capture a direct image of a Jupiter-size planet from the ground, according to a 1995 report.
This key geospatial patent describes the method and apparatus for collecting direct georeferenced imagery and a survey technique now known as Direct Image Photogrammetric Measurement using multiple "Any Aspect" cameras.
Volume production of the latest Foveon X3[R] direct image sensors, featuring resolutions up to 14.
The Lexar Smart Download plug-in takes advantage of the Adobe open scripting interface by allowing direct image downloads along with important IPTC metadata to Adobe Bridge and Creative Suite 2, a very compelling utility for our customers.
com is a check image management system that bypasses or even eliminates the networks so many Check 21 systems depend on, allowing direct image exchange between individual institutions.
0 serial interface for direct image download from digital cameras.
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