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Their contributions reflect the various dimensions of direct effect as a central doctrine of EC Law.
Thus, the expected Z effects are based on parameters reflecting both the direct effect of Z on Y (characterized by the parameter [[beta].
Structural equation modeling shows that Korean mothers' influence has a direct effect on their student's competence beliefs and performance goal orientation.
In residential construction, the reduction in sensitivity reflects the absence of disintermediation-induced episodes of credit rationing (disruptions in the supply of credit that occurred when funds dried up during periods of high interest rates); it does not reflect any reduction in the direct effect of interest rates on the demand for housing.
Counterpulsation therapy has an even more direct effect on patients' hearts, Lawson says.
But what's compelling about the evidence on folic acid, says Edward Giovannucci of Harvard Medical School, is that "it has a direct effect on DNA.
The smaller number of firms has a direct effect on the amount of settlements, Crockett says.
Costello (1976) claims that the amount of positive reinforcement in the child's environment has a direct effect on childhood depression.
If the unit is not accurate or precise and you get a wide variety of temperatures or you don't get good flow of coolant, it's going to have a direct effect on the quality of your parts.
This situation had more to do with macroeconomic trends than with the direct effect of the tax cuts however.
But the damage from the Persian Gulf crisis went beyond the direct effect of higher oil prices.
17 also discusses violations of laws and regulations that have a direct effect on amounts in the financial statements.
Results revealed that preservice teachers' accuracy judgments had a statistically significant direct effect on their practice test performance and accounted for 8.
Can we speak under some circumstances of a sort of direct effect of EEA law?
When businesses shut down, move or let people go, that doesn't just hurt our economy, it has a direct effect on California's budget.