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Synonyms for vocative case

the case (in some inflected languages) used when the referent of the noun is being addressed


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Using direct address with Bach, played by Tom McCamus, speaking to the audience, she constructs a filmic essay; footnotes and all.
The choice of prose in such works as the Prose Life of Christ and in the Oon of Foure (4) coincides with an almost total lack of hortatory direct address and the authors' refusal to incorporate any of the traditional and apocryphal stories, which could have easily effected a strong grip on popular imagination.
Operating on the unlicensed 900MHz ISM band, the Parafone features call display on call waiting, a 50 entry speed dial, a 1000 entry call history with direct address book transfer, direct dialing from address book, calling card support, three way conference, a Ni-MH battery, and handsfree headset support.
org; or for a more direct address to Ask PIP, type in http://chat.
An experiment in biography, rather less successful than Symons' Corvine, on a par perhaps with Ackroyd's Dickensian direct address strategems.
Perhaps more important in the final status negotiations than the particular payment or water reallocation formulas that might be derived from the above concepts, however, is the overriding value attached to the direct address by the parties of compensation for Israeli conquests and Palestinian losses.
Another direct address to a Quebec legal resource is the link to the Human Rights Tribunal/Tribunal des droits de la personne at www.
Gerstenberger finds clues to this direct address in Yahweh's verbal commandments to the people, in the recurring phrase, "this is the law," in the admonitory character of the divine words, and in the call for the sanctification of the people (4).
Then these same five attributes are repeated in direct address to this chthonic healer (lrpi ars) invoking "thy strength, thy power, thy might, thy acuity, thy dominion.
Its web site provides a link to the Music Division at the National Library of Canada, but a brief statement for the uninitiated about the wealth of published and unpublished Canadian documents in its collection and a direct address might have been useful.
As a raw confessional video work structured around Hershman's direct address to the camera about her history of childhood physical and sexual abuse, the force of this piece seems inward turning and personal rather than largely documentary in nature (see Lesage 1995, in press).
He hopes that a germination will stir in the husk-heart of Persephone, since overhearing is more poignant than direct address.
Holding that the analogia entis terminates in ambiguity and agnosticism since it keeps God too distant from rather than too close to humanity, Jungel proposes a clear and unambiguous analogia fidei, a discourse about God based on Jesus the Word's direct address to us, especially on the cross.
She was a brilliant writer of the loosely structured ghazal, a form that is anchored in personal loss and longing but that directly engages its audience, often combining direct address with an indeterminate voicing of gender.
Wilson, in a direct address to jury members moments before they retired, said: "i speak to you today with a clear conscience and a clean heart.
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