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a protest action by labor or minority groups to obtain their demands

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However, direct actions, like derivative actions, have a problem that, for many LLC plaintiffs, can be very serious--namely, that they have to be brought in court.
I've already discussed the main advantages and disadvantages of the first two options --namely, provisions for derivative and for direct actions.
LANGUAGE campaigners are to launch direct action to put pressure on the government to act on its demands.
If the claimants, after exhausting the insurance fund in the direct actions, were allowed to recover the limitation fund from the owner and charterer, the owner and charterer would be deprived of the benefit of their insurance.
The trial court consolidated the limitation and direct actions for trial, denied the right to limit liability, and held the defendants liable.
Travelers, Manville's primary insurer from 1947 through 1976, also became enmeshed in a host of direct action claims, as well as claims from vendors of Manville's products, contribution claims, cross claims and indemnity claims.
In December 2005, over 1,000 people, mostly from the Korean Peasants League (KPL), along with Thai peasants, workers and activists, were arrested and jailed during the last day of direct actions against the WTO 6th Ministerial Conference talks in Hong Kong--more than had been at WTO Cancun 2003 or Seattle in 1999.
It is still a peaceful protest but it is a direct action.
Like RAN and Ruckus, Greenpeace temporarily suspended direct actions after September 11.
Ruckus' future plans include as many camps as funding will allow (participants are not charged for attending) and the publication of a tome covering all aspects of direct actions.
Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York has issued an order granting approval of the settlements of all pending statutory-based and Hawaii asbestos-related direct actions and substantially all common law asbestos-related direct actions pending against its Travelers Property Casualty Corp.
NYSE:STA) today announced that it has executed an agreement resolving substantially all common law asbestos-related direct actions pending against its Travelers Property Casualty Corp.
B) today announced that it has executed a definitive agreement settling asbestos-related statutory-based direct actions pending against Travelers under various unfair trade practices acts and similar statutes, including the Wise, Meninger and Cashman purported class actions and similar cases.
Glendale Federal Savings has shocked staid banking circles with their bellicose advertising and direct actions against major California banks.
The Company also stated that it had implemented cost reduction initiatives which include reductions in the work force and other direct actions intended to reduce operating expenses by approximately 10 percent when fully implemented.