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a digital tape recording of sound

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While MidasTrade is committed to making Daishin Securities the second Korean brokerage customer to offer direct access trading of U.
registered broker-dealer that provides online trading and direct access trading services for retail and institutional clients, today announced that John G.
5, TradePro 2 and ProTrader provide various levels of real time and direct access trading for NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq, OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheets securities.
In addition, minimum account balances were lowered to $5,000 for accounts using direct access trading software, and $2,000 for the accounts using the Company's Web-based trading software, Watley Trader.
More than a set of user-definable parameters, SORTT improves direct access trading by dynamically scanning providers of liquidity for both the fastest possible execution and price improvement.
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