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a digital tape recording of sound

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NexTrend also offers electronic direct access trading with point and click, hot keys, time and sales, real-time risk management, and compliance.
The fact that customers can go to a single trusted source for information on software and functionality based on NASDAQ's rigorous technological standards is a real plus for traders and firms offering direct access trading.
SonicSTORM(TM), Sonic's premier direct access trading application provides traders complete accessibility to the U.
the premier provider of financial market analysis, charting, scanning and electronic direct access trading software, today announced the release of LiveScan version 2.
While MidasTrade is committed to making Daishin Securities the second Korean brokerage customer to offer direct access trading of U.
NEW YORK -- Blackwood, a direct access trading technology firm that offers institutions a sophisticated suite of products with smart order routing, plans to launch the first direct access crossing network in the third quarter of this year, it was announced today.
registered broker-dealer that provides online trading and direct access trading services for retail and institutional clients, today announced that John G.
Blackwood, which provides advanced direct access trading systems and smart order routing technologies to leading institutional traders, has opened for business this morning with all trading systems performing normally, the firm announced.
5, TradePro 2 and ProTrader provide various levels of real time and direct access trading for NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq, OTC Bulletin Board and Pink Sheets securities.
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