foreign direct investment

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investing in United States businesses by foreign citizens (often involves stock ownership of the business)

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a joint venture between a foreign company and a United States company

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Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria in April 2014 amounted to EUR 106.
The Central Bank of Egypt (CBE) pointed out that in the third quarter of 2010/11, foreign direct investment declined at a rate of 90.
Iran has approved $5 to $6 billion in foreign direct investment plans for the current calendar year, ending March 20, Alishiri said on February 3.
ANKARA, Jul 14, 2011 (TUR) -- Turkey's newly appointed economy minister said on Thursday that flow of foreign direct investment in Turkey reached 5.
Petersburg International Economic Forum Russian President Dmitry Medvedev officially announced the launch of the Russian Direct Investment Fund.
The largest share of direct investments made in Estonia came from Sweden.
The bulk of foreign direct investment in Japan was made through acquisitions of shares in Japanese firms, which fell 63.
401(a)(4) specify that the opportunity to direct investment is an "other right or feature" of a plan that must be nondiscriminatory as to current and effective availability.
The returns reported by foreigners on their direct investments in the United States generally have been low in recent years, and income in 1990 was depressed further by the slowdown in U.
According to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the outstanding balance of Japanese direct investments by the private sector-all non-financial transactions, such as real estate investments-totaled $154 billion at the end of 1989.
Investors are significantly more interested in diversifying portfolios with products that yield dividends while insulating against volatility, such as Direct Investments, today than in 2011.
277 billion in H1 2013, including foreign direct investments - $345.
By country, the largest direct investments in Bulgaria in January - February 2014 were those from the Netherlands and amounted to EUR 48.
com)-- The Investment Program Association (IPA) has engaged Gibbs & Soell Public Relations as its agency of record as it heightens efforts to communicate the unique benefits of direct investments, such as non-traded real estate investment trusts (REITs), equipment leasing partnerships, oil and gas programs, and managed futures, which are held directly by an investor.
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