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Neither DirecPC nor StarBand service currently supports other operating systems.
Over the past five years Helius has actively developed enhancements for the DirecPC satellite service.
The DirecPC service, which relies on geostationary satellites to offer Internet users access to the Internet at speeds of up to 400 kilobits per second (Kbps), has previously required a dial-up modem or integrated service digital network (ISDN) connection for its return path to the Net - until now, that is.
DirecPC Personal Edition, which features the DirecPC Turbo Internet service at speeds up to 400kbps, will be rolled out at Nobody Beats the Wiz nationwide, and Computer City SuperCenters this month.
SatServ 6 for Windows 2000 software is a high performance package enabling the broadband and Internet services provided by both one-way and two-way DirecPC satellite systems to be shared by users on local area networks.
By entering separate partnerships with DirecPC and StarBand," said Phillips, "NRTC is striving to give our members choices for meeting the high-speed Internet needs of their customers and communities.
This includes first-of-its kind DirecDuo antenna -- capable of receiving both DirecPC and DIRECTV service.
High-Speed Internet Options From MSN, Flashcom, DirecPC, AT&T Broadband And
2) Satellite: Hughes DirecPC offers high-speed Internet access using
HUGHES, DIRECWAY and DirecPC are trademarks of Hughes Electronics Corporation.
C-COM Satellite Systems (CDNX:CMI) and Hughes Network Systems (HNS), a division of Hughes Electronics Corporation, will jointly deliver high-speed mobile Internet Services using C- Com's iNetVu (TM) with DirecPC.
AOL High-Speed service is also available through DSL partnerships with BellSouth, Qwest, SBC and Verizon customers as well as through the DirecPC satellite service wherever AOL's dial-up service reaches.
Leveraging the success of the DirecPC technology and brand worldwide, CCL will be able to offer a variety of advanced broadband services to both the enterprise and consumer markets.
To Gas Pumps With DirecPC and UnitedScreens Offering
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