dire straits

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a state of extreme distress

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The event was compered by Jools Holland and among hundreds of guests were many familiar faces including Alan Shearer, Peter Beardsley, Bruce Welch, Tim Healy, Jimmy Nail and Dire Straits colleague John Isley.
Alan, original from County Durham but now living in the Tyne Valley, formed Dire Straits with brothers Mark and David Knopfler in 1980.
The Dire Straits guitarist joined more than 2,000 students at the academic awards ceremony at the Stadium of Light.
It is not the end of the club, but they are in dire straits financially.
Others present included Mark Knopfler of Dire Straits and Bill Wyman.
The music is written by Mark Knopfler of the rock band Dire Straits.
Cash raised will help veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder to return to the islands they freed from Argentinian occupation in 1982 ( the year Dire Straits star Knopfler wrote the hit.
MUM-to-be Cerys Matthews tonight performs her first gig since Catatonia split - backed by Dire Straits.
Even though the media companies seem to be in dire straits, they are actually generating free and clear earnings,'' he said.
The soundtrack features significant artists such as Bob Marley, Phish, Grateful Dead, The Meters, Finley Quaye, Dire Straits and Blind Faith.
Alan Pardew (pictured), who got sacked at West Ham because they were in a relegation battle and in dire straits.
The former Dire Straits frontman, who was born in Glasgow and raised in Newcastle, is now based in London.
Beinfest, a former standout shortstop at Chatsworth High who played Little League in Northridge, is the one charged with sorting out the mess, making sense of it, and then expected to convince everyone the low-budget Marlins aren't in dire straits and can contend for a playoff spot.
Amira also created a second company, World Concerts, a joint venture of ABC, Paramount and Radiovision, that produced many acclaimed pay-per-view concerts including the Bob Dylan Thirtieth Anniversary Celebration at Madison Square Garden, the Rod Stewart Valentine Vagabond event and a Dire Straits concert out of France.
Shepherd wants to get on his hands and knees and bring back Big Al because instead of playing Dire Straits' Local Hero at the start of the game we are in dire straits.