dire straits

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a state of extreme distress

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The Pirates are also in dire straights with a 2-9 card and go into the game on the back of six straight defeats.
Given the French economy's dire straights, a decision to start exploiting France's domestic gas resources has obvious advantages, even if hydraulic fracturing needs to be rebranded.
This is decades overdue and the lack of strong devolved regional government is one of the main reasons that the country outside London is in dire straights.
HOW sad to hear that Erskine Hospital are in dire straights due to lack of funding when the MoD continue to spend millions training Prince William and Prince Harry.
The Windies, already down 1-0 in the three-match series having lost the opener in Delhi, resume this morning in dire straights on 34 for two in response to India's mammoth first innings total of 631 for seven.
Job loss, illness, divorce and mortgage payment adjustment all account for a major reason why so many homeowners are in dire straights and facing bankruptcy, foreclosure and the possible short sale of their home.
Stankevitch knows he is not the only ex-pro who has found himself in dire straights after being forced to quit the job he loved.
She added: "The school budget is in very dire straights and I can't see that we are going to have this money in the near future.
We've been tested a number of times in the competition and you can go back as far as Bern, when we were in dire straights but we got out of it and we learned from that.
The set list consists of a few songs your dad would probably be fond of - Deep Purple, Dire Straights, Def Leppard - with a few modern day songs thrown in for good measure - Linkin Park and Muse - but generally this version is less mainstream then the last few games.
But when it came to the crux of the matter, when Paul thought John was in dire straights, he helped.
Though he was often in dire straights when it came to accommodation, Charlie still managed to hold down a variety of occupations after leaving school at 16 to work in the fish market.
When I consider why my segment of the publishing business--B2B--is in such dire straights, I see clearly that the recession only accelerated its inevitable decline.
MUSCAT: Brokerage houses on the local bourse are in dire straights on dwindling volumes and high operating costs.
Talk about a comeback- in 2006 Ford was in dire straights and the naysayers were sure they were near insolvency.