dire straits

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a state of extreme distress

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Not only did my parents help me financially when I was in dire straights [sic], but they also let their grown daughter live with them for six months while she interned and saved money to move to New York City.
And when Golcar skipper Steve Whitwam bowled the home club's overseas star Bilal Khiljee, Delph were in dire straights at 23-4.
Job loss, severe illness and mortgage payment adjustment all account for a major reason why so many homeowners are in dire straights and facing bankruptcy, foreclosure and the possible short sale of their home.
But Coun Rudge said: "We would be in dire straights if we found ourselves unable to host the state visit of a man who leads two billion people across the globe.
Karp originally eyed developing a single building on Pacific Street, but the neighborhood was in such dire straights that he cleaned it up by buying eight additional properties to create a residential campus, of sorts.
Only players acquainted with virtually everything Test rugby can throw at them would have been able to overcome such dire straights, players who know precisely what it takes to win World Cups and Six Nations Grand Slams.
Even the most ardent Labour supporter must accept that the cuts, along with below-inflation pay increases in the public sector, are due to the economic dire straights created by the Government.
THERE is no question that Rotherham are already in dire straights, but they may be worth chancing at 9-2 against Huddersfield.
Stephen says: "A friend told me he was charged pounds 365 in a month and I've had hundreds of emails from people in dire straights because of charges.
Telling a client that they have been gazumped or telling someone who is in dire straights financially and desperate to sell that they are in negative equity.
Or they have Dire Straights star Mark Knopfler from pounds 89.
The Spurs attempted to move on, saying all the right things and declaring their togetherness in such dire straights.
GLENTORAN would be in dire straights without Chris Walker, Justin McBride and Rory Hamill - but it could happen.
There's no doubt that the real estate sector here in Arizona is in dire straights, regardless of the recovery going on elsewhere," says Viores.
DubbleD added: "Perhaps if more companies were run in this fashion the world wouldn't be in such dire straights.