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The globalization of the economy has put the engineering profession at a crossroads, according to Diran Apelian, director of the Metal Processing Institute, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, Mass.
E[acute accent]"We're pleased to continue our long-standing relationship with Lincoln Park, offering them access to our patented 3-in-1 rollover ATM technology and tools to improve the credit decision-making process," said Diran Kludjian, executive vice president of sales.
Hunza is situated in the extreme north of Gilgit Baltistan region and have many majestic peaks like Ultra, Rakaposhi, Golden Peak and Diran.
06m while Saudi Arabia's Fahad Bin Diran claimed the bronze medal.
com, or contact Diran Kludjian by phone (561) 866-8348, or Email.
It will contain the information and documents collected by Agos newspaper -- a primary source of consultation and information for anyone who is interested in minorities in Turkey -- including copies of the newspaper that have been published since 1996, as well as the personal archives of lawyer Diran Bakar and actor/writer Hagop Ayvaz, along with the archives kept by the Hrant Dink Foundation and various other Armenian foundations.
Director, Diran George, has experienced many failures with delivery companies as a trader himself, and looking at mass public opinion of many of these companies, decided something should be done about it.
Shaymus Hudson, Diran Apelian, Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA
Diran, with a prescient sense of coming change, began in 1982 to travel the country, compiling stunning portraits for The Vanishing Tribes of Burma (London, 1997).
New York fashion designer Loris Diran featured his version of modern luxury, focusing on fit, form and fabrication.
Kooyomjian and his wife, Christine, of West Boylston, with whom she lived; a daughter, Minnae Vincent and her husband, Thomas, of Worcester; six grandchildren, Matthew, Michelle, Catherine and Nicholas Kooyomjian and Sarah and Andrew Vincent; a great-grandson, Caleb Peck; and two brothers, Levon and Diran Der Kosrofian, both of Whitinsville.
Summary: John Lee Hooker's loud, bluesy tune "The Healer" plays on a turntable as Diran Mardirian smokes a rolled-up cigarette, the ambiance of his DVD store's second floor turning into an almost surreal setting, a long way from modern-day Beirut.
Following the regime's cinematic model closely, Carmen also touts the praises of war, referring to it as the "oficio de valientes, que de los espanoles diran que hemos sido guerreros, pero no nos ha ido tan mal me parece a mi, que no hay pais en el mundo que nos llegue a los talones" (60).
In his discussion of Lao She's Rickshaw Boy, John Diran Sohigian describes the context of [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] (humorism) and in particular the relationship between Lao She's novel and Henre Bergson's early twentieth-century theoretical writings on laughter in literature.
At the intersection of Sidani and Sadat streets, it owned by Diran Mardirian, and is, at first glance at least, simply a video store.