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a gateway to the west of ancient Athens near which a distinctive style of pottery has been found

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Dipylon bath: Elizabeth Pierce Blegen, "News Items from Athens," AJA 40 (1936): 547-9; Kurt Gebauer and Heinz Johannes, "Ausgrabungen im Kerameikos," AA 51 (1936): 208-12; Ursula Knigge, Der Kerameikos von Athen: Fuhrung durch Ausgrabungen und Geschichte (Athens: Krene, 1988), 159-60.
The walk ends at Keramikos, the site of the Dipylon Gate, where in ancient times, the Panathenaic Way began, leading to the Parthenon.
Down the main roadway behind the Elephant Gate is the Dipylon, a double-arched gate over which are painted tiles of Carl, Otilia and Alf (their oldest son), a worker, two leaders of the brewery, the architect and builder of New Carlsberg.
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17) Among them were the Baring Amphora from the Dipylon Painter's workshop; a pair of delicate gilded kantharoi; an impeccable amphora attributed to the Group of the Floral Nolans (all now at San Simeon); and a black-figured lekythos with Hercules, Mercury and Neptune fishing (once in the Hope collection), now in the Metropolitan.