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Specific studies have shown a seed predation loss rate of 8%/week for Dipteryx micrantha (Leguminosae) and palm seedling survivorship negatively correlated with level of flooding (Losos, 1995).
Leaf litter effects on seed and seedling predation of the palm Astrocaryum murumuru and the legume tree Dipteryx micrantha in Amazonian forest.
Seed and seedling survival of the palm Astrocayum murumuru and the legume tree Dipteryx micrantha in gaps in Amazonian forest.
Post-dispersal predation and scatterhoarding of Dipteryx panamensis (Papilionaceae) seeds by rodents in Panama.
The genera Dipteryx and Taralea belong to the Fabaceae tribe Dipteryxeae and were the only representatives of this tribe examined here.