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1994), but for such big family plants, the chemistry of Dipterocarpaceae is still interesting to be explored, due to the fact that the initial researches on Dipterocarpaceae was mainly focused on chemical compounds of their resins such as terpenoid, sesquiterpen and triterpen.
Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi o f Dipterocarpaceae in Xishuangbanna, Southern Yunnan.
seed Dipterocarpaceae Dipterocarpus grandiflorus Blanco seed Dipterocarpaceae Shoreafloribunda Kurz seed Ebenaceae Diospyros dichrophylla (Gand.
These species all belong to the family Dipterocarpaceae and are used to produce most of the hardwood plywood in the United States.
In the case of Spirit Cave and Noen U-Loke, analysis of the archaeological resins from both sites using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GC-MS) shows that both exhibit characteristics in common with a sample of modern `dammar', a triterpenoid resin produced by members of the Dipterocarpaceae family (Figure 5; for details of the analytical methodology, see Lampert et al.
The dominant trees, known as dipterocarps, belong to the Dipterocarpaceae family and are keystone species of the lowland forests of Borneo.
In addition, Borneo is the center of diversity of the important timber tree family, the Dipterocarpaceae, where at least 267 species are found (Ashton 1982).
Leighton 2000 Vertebrate Responses to Spatiotemporal Variation in Seed Production of Mast-Fruiting Dipterocarpaceae.
Priadjati is not overly optimistic and ends with "Let us hope that there still is a future for Dipterocarpaceae in Borneo.
Soyauxia 5/5); Goupiaceae (Goupia 1/1, W); Lacistemataceae (Lacistema 2/3); Violaceae (Allexis 2/2; Amphirrhox 3/4, W; Rinorea 1/5) Oxalidales Cunoniaceae (Acrophyllum 1/1; Anodopetalum 1/1; Aphanopetalum 1/1; Ceratopetalum 5/5; Gillbeea 1/1; Platylophus 1/1, W; Schizomeria 3/3, W; Spiraeanthemum 1/10) Rosales Ulmaceae (Trema) Eurosids II Malvales Dipterocarpaceae (Hopea) Myrtales Combretaceae (Combretum 2/21); Crypteroniaceae (Axinandra 2/2; Crypteronia 9/10; SJ); Melastomataceae (numerous genera, e.
Manuscripts of the following families: Apocynaceae, Bombacaceae, Dipterocarpaceae, Escalloniaceae, Magnoliaceae, Meliaceae, Symplocaceae, Thymelacaceae, and Tiliaceae are currently being prepared/edited for publication in Volume 5 (targeted date of publication December 2003).
Macrocarpaea Asterotricha Dipterocarpaceae Dipterocarpus oblongifolius Fabaceae Teramnus, Biserrula sp.
Proceedings: The Sixth Round Table Conference on Dipterocarpaceae, Bangalore, India, 8-12 February 1999.