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a graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level

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In 2013, I launched my own business, Dipstix, a website and app that takes the stress out of owning a car and maintaining a vehicle.
Once in your consulting room, test the pH of the inferior fornix with lithmus paper or the pH indicator on a urine dipstix.
Her renal function was normal but urine dipstix demonstrated proteinuria, and a renal biopsy confirmed class 3 lupus nephritis.
3% (n=5) of the respondents stated that the triage room was not adequately equipped and that dipstix, haemoglucose tests and other equipment were not always readily available.
Preoperatively, her blood pressure was 142/81 mmHg and her urine Dipstix showed trace albumin.
perform the following investigations: vital signs, urine dipstix, blood glucose, full blood count (FBC), creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR), CD4+ count, lumbar puncture; may also perform alanine transaminase (ALT)/liver function tests (LFTs), syphilis serology, thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), VL testing and a computed tomography (CT) scan, if these are indicated on the basis of history and examination findings.