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a graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level

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Urinalysis dipsticks fall into the CLIA-waived category and are generally very reliable, simple to use, and easy to interpret.
Glucose, pH and protein measurements were done by Multistix dipstick method.
One aliquot was tested by the resident obstetrician in the antenatal clinic using reagent dipsticks (Lab Strip U11 Plus) to detect the presence of leucocyte esterase and nitrite, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
Rotavirus dipsticks (Hy Laboratories LTD, Rehovot, Israel) were used to identify rotavirus-positive stool samples.
If the oil level does not line up with the original dipstick "Full" range marks, etch a new "Full" line on the backside of the dipstick.
If you'd like to know more about how Dipsticks Research can support your business, you can contact Fiona Raglan on 01434 611160 or info@dipsticksresearch.
Eyal Ben-Dor, his soil dipstick will help scientists, urban planners and farmers understand the changing health of the soil, as well as its agricultural potential and other associated concerns.
Sgt Steve Thirsk said: "We hope the dipsticks will allow us to seize alcohol from youngsters however it is disguised.
A preeclamptic woman on bed rest will mobilize fluid and increase urine output, potentially diluting urine enough that the protein concentration falls below the minimum level of 20 mg/dL read by dipsticks, he said.
Screening for gestational diabetes using urine dipsticks for glycosuria is ineffective with low sensitivities.
Hexham's Dipsticks Research is a national company with a workforce of 155 predominantly made-up of under-25s.
If Del Boy had known about Dipsticks, he would have been too busy tucking in to them to get Rodney selling them from a market barrow.
If Del Boy had known about Dipsticks he would have been too busy tucking in to them to get Rodney selling them from a market barrow.
In two population studies, dipsticks were positive for blood in 3% of men of all ages (3) and in 13% of those over 60 years (4).