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a graduated rod dipped into a container to indicate the fluid level

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Diagnostic equipment manufacturers have developed several instruments that automatically read dipsticks.
Lesley-Ann Mitchell, of Dipsticks Research, said: "There are such a wide range of courses and funding available we have been able to offer developmental training to all our staff.
Two proposals for reducing the cost of urine testing have recently been promulgated in the literature: Use the least expensive urine test--the dipstick or chemical analysis--to screen specimens for microscopy and for culture.
Having found the market research profession had unclear rates, slow turnaround times and that London-based clients commissioned London-based agencies, Fiona found her niche and Dipsticks Research was born: a no-frills service with published rates.
John Raglan, partner at Dipsticks Research, said: "Quality is an essential ingredient in building a successful business.
We evaluated the predictability of dipstick parameters, with particular emphasis on leukocyte esterase (LE) and nitrite (NT) tests and microscopic urine sediment analysis as predictors of urinary tract infection in the setting of an urban university hospital.
Dipsticks can be stored at room temperature and do not require trained personnel and laboratory facilities.
Here we report applicability of LAg-based ELISA and dipstick systems even at primary health centers.
Caution: Before re-marking your dipstick, ensure your original dipstick has part number 252-0507 stamped on the lower end.
If you'd like to know more about how Dipsticks Research can support your business, you can contact Fiona Raglan on 01434 611160 or info@dipsticksresearch.
Ben-Dor said that these dipsticks can also be remotely and wirelessly networked to airplanes and satellites, providing the most detailed, comprehensive and reliable soil map of the US.
Transport police officers put dipsticks into drinks suspected of containing booze.
Police in north Staffordshire are using dipsticks to test the contents of youngsters' beverages in a bid to combat under age drinking.
BIG ISLAND, HAWAII -- Don't rely on dipsticks to detect proteinuria in pregnant patients with suspected preeclampsia, Dr.
A gull-wing door allows easy access to dipsticks, filters, fill points and diagnostic hookups from ground level.