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a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent

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And truly Levin had never drunk any liquor so good as this warm water with green bits floating in it, and a taste of rust from the tin dipper.
The old man crumbled up some bread in a cup, stirred it with the handle of a spoon, poured water on it from the dipper, broke up some more bread, and having seasoned it with salt, he turned to the east to say his prayer.
The mowers from all sides, brought closer together in the short row, kept urging one another on to the sound of jingling dipper and clanging scythes, and the hiss of the whetstones sharpening them, and good-humored shouts.
When, having obtained permission, she walked to the water pail in the corner and drank from the dipper, unseen forces dragged Seesaw from his seat to go and drink after her.
As she replaced the dipper Seesaw promptly raised his hand, and Miss Dearborn indicated a weary affirmative.
Dippers can now be found on many of North Wales' streams, nesting in crevices under bridges.
Seeing them plunge into the rapid water to pick out insect larvae or freshwater shrimps, you'd think this diminutive bird would easily be swept away, but dippers are strong swimmers and always resurface, usually with their catch.
Dippers also took to the sea in Skinningrove on Boxi| Day morning, ignoring the icy waters and plunging temperatures.
21 (Saba) - Minister of Civil Service and Insurance Ahmed al-Shami discussed on Sunday with UK ambassador to Yemen Jane Marriott cooperation areas in carrying out administrative reforms and eradicating double dippers.
Mustafa Nasser, the head of the Economic Media and Studies Centre, an economic think-tank based in the Yemeni capital, told Gulf News that government began applying the new measures in the military since it is awash with ghost workers and double dippers.
Dr Christy Morrissey, of Cardiff University's School of Biosciences and currently assistant professor at the University of Saskatchewan, said: "Work over the course of 20 years has shown that dippers are excellent pollutant indicators in both America and Europe, but this is the first time we've compared rural and urban rivers - where most people live.
Created for fun and informal dining, the new Potato Dippers are made from high quality, full of flavour potatoes, which are uniquely shaped to offer the perfect sharing and dipping experience.
Few sights in astronomy have been discussed as much as Polaris and the Dippers.
But when darkness does arrive, June finds the Big and Little Dippers high, a crown of stars near the zenith, and bright Vega following dim Hercules up the eastern sky.
Individuals who exhibit a diminished nocturnal decline in blood pressure have been reported to have more cardiovascular end organ damage than dippers (11,12).