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a Baptist denomination founded in 1708 by Americans of German descent

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The Nippy Dipper day is organised by the Lions Club and the designated charity is the Lord Provost's Charitable Trust.
During the 1993-1998 breeding seasons, we studied dippers along Drift (44[degrees] 25' N, 123[degrees] 50' W) and Lobster (44[degrees] 15' N, 123[degrees] 40' W) creeks in the central Oregon Coast Range, Oregon, and, in 1994, along 23 additional streams in 6 basins within a 10-km radius of Drift and Lobster creeks.
DC Colin Blyth of Ashington CID said: "In the past Ashington has had a problem with purse dippers who predominantly target older women.
Dip any of the assorted dippers 3/4 way into chocolate; sprinkle with sugar.
A sassy, rapping sheep is the latest character to appear in a national TV campaign for snack brand The Laughing Cow, to launch new Cheez Double Dippers.
Cheez Double Dippers have a unique combination of smooth creamy cheese, crunchy breadsticks and crispy bacon 'bitz'.
The newly-formed Cleddau Dippers has been told by Pembrokeshire County Council that it can use its pools - provided staff agree.
Perfect for entertaining or just snacking, these dippers can be enjoyed with dips of all kinds.
And because there'll be less sand available for dippers to use this year because of a high tide, access needs to be managed more carefully.
March 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- While more than half of American women have admitted to skipping a meal so they could enjoy a snack without feeling guilty,* new DOLE Banana Dippers give women the opportunity to indulge in a sweet treat, without any of the remorse.
The charity target was pounds 5,000 and several dippers were aiming to raise several hundred pounds each.
Not only are most a breeze to make and serve (especially for a crowd), but they're versatile and easy to eat with a variety of dippers such as chips, cutup vegetables, crackers, grilled chicken breast or steak pieces and the like.
McVitie's 6m [pounds sterling]-backed launch of Penguin Flipper Dippers and Mini BN snacks shows it using key brands to harness the booming eat now and kids' snack markets.
Jungle Dippers is Sun Valley's latest product in the children's bite-size sector.