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When a polarizable blood cell (or particle) is exposed to an electric field, the particle polarizes, giving rise to an induced dipole moment (18).
In his own work, Dietrich searches for a phenomenon called an electric dipole moment, in which the center of positive charge of an atom lies at a different point than its center of negative charge.
The compounds had higher dipole moments and let to higher birefringence by the photopolymers and increased the holographic recording characteristics, it was demonstrated in Fig.
Nowadays, the problem of relativistic transformation of polarization/magnetization and related transformation of electric/magnetic dipole moment for a compact bunch of charges represents the subject of textbook consideration in macroscopic electrodynamics [1-3].
At the concentration for which [DELTA][epsilon]' is negative indicates that molecules of the mixtures form multimer structure via hydrogen bonding in such a way that the effective dipole movement is reduced where as the concentrations for which [DELTA][epsilon]' is positive indicates that the molecules of the mixture form multimer structure via hydrogen bonding in such a way that the effective dipole moments are increased.
Table 4 collects changes of the energy of molecules with the strength of the field applied and accompanying changes of dipole moments.
The viscosities of the two isomers do not scale with their dipole moments.
For this research, graphene was used to write and read the electric dipole moments of an underlying ferroelectric material.
The other limiting factor of this method is that only very strong magnets with large enough dipole moments and small enough masses can reach their terminal speed within the length of the cylinder.
When it is placed in an external magnetic field, a net nuclear magnetization is created by the equilibrium difference between the magnetic dipole moments of spin populations in two different energy states.
He covers learning strategies, Lewis dot structures and the chemical bond, molecular geometry and dipole moments, isomerism, charge stability, reactions and reaction mechanisms.
This can be attributed to the increased number of dipole moments along the polymer backbone.
The fabrication of electro-optic polymer thin films involves selecting a thermally stable polymer carrier, such as polyimide, and distributing chromophore molecules with high dipole moments within its matrix.