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Thermal fluctuations in the dipole moments in dielectric and magnetic materials influence the polarization and are summarized in the well known fluctuation-dissipation relationships.
The dipole moment for the ion-ion pair is simply expressed as
or +]] dipole moments that are aligned either parallel (+) or antiparallel (-) to the applied field.
Whether any of these approaches to hunting the electric dipole moment will succeed, and when, remains to be seen.
Letters) 455, L201 (1995), Microwave Spectra, Hyperfine Structure, and Electric Dipole Moments for Conformers I and II of Glycine.
In every atom ever measured, no such dipole moment exists.
2+]) was interacted with the nitroaniline to form other compounds and the dipole moment of compounds can be increased (25-27).
induces only slight changes in the charge distribution at particular atoms of alkanols, polarizability of the molecules, their energy and dipole moments, however, it can have an influence upon their combustion and in case of ethanol also on its metabolism.
To our knowledge, this work presents the first calculations of the dipole moments of the two fluorinated propene isomers.
Information can be stored in a ferroelectric material in the form of an electric dipole moment in a class of devices known as "ferroelectric-field-effect-transistors" or more commonly as FFETs.
Our measurements show that the magnetic torque method can be used to measure magnetic dipole moments of many permanent magnets with very good accuracy.
He covers learning strategies, Lewis dot structures and the chemical bond, molecular geometry and dipole moments, isomerism, charge stability, reactions and reaction mechanisms.
The Sint200 record of Guyodo & Valet (1996) and geomagnetic data of McElhinny & Senanayake (1982), as well as the palaeopole position determined by Ohno & Hamano (1992), can be used to calculate palaeogeomagnetic latitudes and dipole moments for time intervals of 0.
This can be attributed to the increased number of dipole moments along the polymer backbone.
f)For the solution dipole moments, temperatures range from 16-25 [degrees]C.